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While Estate Planning and Probate are related, they are not the same thing.

Pittsburgh Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning is a process that takes place before one passes away. It involves the careful planing of how an individual would like to have their assets distributed.

Sometimes Estate Planning can be handled by a simple will; however there are some scenarios where Estate Planning requires a more exact plan due to particular circumstances.

When it comes to Estate Planning, our experienced professionals are capable of providing a plan that will suit your needs. Whether you need a simple will, a testamentary trust, a special needs trust, a complicated inter-vivos trust, or even a guardianship, our firm is capable of handling it.

We have drafted hundreds of wills, living wills, power of attorney documents, testamentary trusts and living trusts. We recognize that these decisions can be difficult and must be handled with care and that each client and his/her family have a unique set of circumstances which requires a specific approach.

Schedule an appointment and we will do our very best to determine the nature of the circumstances that surround your situation and establish a plan that will provide for you and your family. Miller, Limbaugh & Conley, Pittsburgh Estate Planning Lawyer.

Probate Attorney Pittsburgh

Probate Administration is a process that starts when someone passes away. This is when the decedent's testamentary plans are put into effect and the assets are distributed. Most often this process takes place under the direction of an Executor or another Personal Representative.

The process may seem daunting to family members and personal representatives but the experienced attorneys at Miller, Limbaugh & Conley will be able to provide clarity to the process.

The attorneys at Miller, Limbaugh & Conley have assisted countless families to navigate the probate system of Allegheny and Butler County and would be happy to advise you as well.

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Miller, Limbaugh & Conley, Probate Attorney Pittsburgh.

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