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At Miller, Limbaugh & Conley we provide counsel on Business Law in Pittsburgh to business owners from startup of their business throughout its entire operation. Selecting the right type of business legal entity is one of the most important steps in starting a business.

As your Business Attorney in Pittsburg, we can assist you in determining what the optimal entity would be for your desired business based on the relative advantages and disadvantages of the different available entities. We can also prepare the various documents that are necessary to formally create the appropriate entity.

Business Law Contracts and Other Legal Documents

Formalized Business Law Agreements are most often the backbone of a successful business.

Whether you need a sales agreement, promissory note, secured collateral documents, or any other type of business document, the experienced attorneys at Miller, Limbaugh & Conley can help. It is important that these agreements provide a detailed and clear picture of the purpose of the document itself and the relationship between the parties who are bound to it.

Clear well written documents often prevent misunderstandings that can lead to litigation, but in the event that litigation becomes inevitable, our agreements will provide you with a solid base for any claims or defenses.

Business Law Negotiating

Whether you are negotiating the sale or purchase of a business or a distributorship agreement, we can assist you.

Our attorneys can aid you in attaining favorable terms in any type of negotiation and help you assess the risk of a given transaction and mitigate it.

Business Law Litigation

In the event that you are forced into litigation, our experienced attorneys are capable of handing your situation.

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